११ कार्तिक २०७८, बिहीबार
ट्रेन्डिङ #कोरोना #दिल्ली हिंसा #दुर्घटना #प्रतिनिधि सभा #अपराध #शिक्षा #नेपाली सेना
Soltini Bhani Bolako – Sunil Giri & Melina Rai

In association with EX-DCAM Motion Picture presenting a Kaura song “Jaam Kyare Maaya” sung by Melina Rai and me. Penned, composed and directed by myself.
Kaura is a tradition of the Magar community. However, the charm of Kaura has been depleting with time and changing culture, Kaura has been limited to certain cultural events and programs only. Kaura has its roots in the western region of Nepal, including Tanahu, Syangja, Palpa, Gorkha Kaski, etc; it is also practiced at Gandaki, Dhaulagiri, Lumbini zones, by Gurung, Darai and Dura communities.